WordPress Uploading ERROR! WordPress themes uploading error! WordPress plugin uploading error!


Today, I’m going to show you that- how to upload themes or plugin into your server.
1. Open wp-config.php
2. add this lines

define( ‘DB_COLLATE’, ” );

define(‘FS_METHOD’, ‘direct’);

Save the file.

Now you can retry to upload.

Work with us


Job title : Data Entry | Virtual assistance (Remote job, Work from home)
Gender : Male or Female
Educations : No matter that, what is your educational background.
Number of vacancy: 2
#1, Find jobs and re post to our website with new format . (Minimum 10 posts a day)
#2, Drive traffics to the post (1k visitors to each post)
#3, Drive traffics from anywhere but PPC or eligible ways not allowed. You can drive traffics from any social media but you never can use Facebook.
#4, Collect contact information’s into excel file and send new job proposal to the client.
Experience : 2 years
More information,
Office hours: 10am to 7pm (6 days/week)
You will get the salary within the end of the month (25 – 31)