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WordPress plugin video publishing


Hi. I need help with a WordPress plugin that I need.
In January I will start a daily personal video blog and I want to make it easy for me to share my daily video with all my social network accounts.

This is a personal project and not needed for users or registrations or other things. I need to save money and the hired developer will be taken from the budget proposal.

I’m thinking of a little plugin that will help me with this task.

The plugin will work like this.

When I’m creating my WordPress post I will mark that it’s a video post and it will take that video and the info added into the post and publish to the social media accounts that I already setup.

I need something super simple and basic.
1- Use the title of the post for the title of the video or post in other social media account ts
2- use the description/body of the post to be the description in the video or social media account posts
3- upload native to each account

Social.media accounts that I need:

Source: https://www.upwork.com/ab/find-work/details/~0154924a90cee80070

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